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PVC Co-extruded Board
  • PVC Plastic Sheet 3mm

    PVC Plastic Sheet 3mm

    PVC plastic sheet products are generally gray and white in color, but also can produce colored hard plates, the quality of which is implemented in GB/T4454-1996, has good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, hardness, high strength, high strength, anti-UV ( Anti-aging),...

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  • Rigid PVC Foam Sheet 3mm

    Rigid PVC Foam Sheet 3mm

    Rigid PVC foam sheet is also a rigid PVC extrusion board, generally in two colors, that is, white and gray, but if the customer has requested other colors, it is also possible. After all, the color looks beautiful and generous, the following we will let everyone look at the...

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  • 4mm Thin PVC Foam Sheet

    4mm Thin PVC Foam Sheet

    The thin section of PVC foam board is based on strength. The PVC resin is a white or light yellow powder with a relative density of 1.35-1.45. The degree of softness and hardness of the product can be adjusted by adding plasticizers. Mechanical Properties PVC has higher...

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  • PVC Wall Foam Board

    PVC Wall Foam Board

    Pvc foam wallboard Andy board is also known as PVC foam board (Chevron board), comparable to wood, and can be sawed, planed, nailed, sticky, also has no deformation, no crack, no paint (a variety of colors) Other special functions; low-foam sheet can be welded, ink printed...

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  • 5mm Thickness PVC Foam Board

    5mm Thickness PVC Foam Board

    PVC foam board, also known as Chevron board and Andy board, its chemical composition is polyvinyl chloride, and then add some flame retardant, anti-aging agent, foaming agent and other necessary auxiliary agents to these raw materials. Mixing, putting the mixed raw materials...

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  • 7mm PVC Foam Sheet

    7mm PVC Foam Sheet

    What is the reason for the deformation of the surface of the PVC foam board? How to solve? I believe that many people have encountered the situation of deformation of the surface of PVC foam board. When the phenomenon of board surface deformation occurs, what should we do?...

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  • PVC Laminated Board 10mm

    PVC Laminated Board 10mm

    PVC Laminate: This product is made of polyvinyl chloride resin and stabilizers and other auxiliary materials after the press, laminated, with high quality anti-corrosion, insulation, temperature resistance and impact resistance, high strength, convenient secondary processing...

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  • 12mm PVC Foam Panel

    12mm PVC Foam Panel

    Andy board is PVC foam board, with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material, adding various additives. Surface: can be applied to color printing, can be coated or made into a variety of colors, with flame retardant, moisture, acid and alkali resistance, long life,...

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  • 15mm PVC Foam Plate

    15mm PVC Foam Plate

    I believe that everyone has some understanding of the PVC foam board, PVC foam board in the process of production if the temperature control is not good, then what will happen? If the temperature is poorly distributed, the PVC foam board will not be smooth. We all know that...

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  • High Density PVC Construction Board 18mm

    High Density PVC Construction Board 18mm

    PVC flooring is not uncommon in our lives. It can be used as cabinets and floors. As a floor, PVC engineering boards have the advantages of being non-slip, anti-bacterial, and easy to clean, and they are no less than wood. The application is quite extensive. We mainly talk...

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